About Us

How We’re Different

Who are CBP

CBP provide a complete and comprehensive construction management service with a core team of competent and dedicated Project Managers, Site Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Office Support Team.

We believe the best outcomes are achieved through a combination of driven & experienced staff with effective processes and procedures.

Our mindset is to drive projects hard from the start, treating early milestones as critical as the overall completion date. If a train needs to make 3 stops and is late for the first 2 it’s unlikely to make the last stop on time!

We operate with honesty and transparency to deal with any project risks or concerns, raising any to be discussed and tackled rather than avoiding them where they can often escalate and be worse to deal with. With CBP you can trust that you’ll be told what you need to hear for achieving the best outcome, even if that means advising difficult news or contrary to previous advice.

What projects do we cover?

Construction /
Commercial Projects

Bespoke, Executive or
Open Market Housing

Residential Housing
including Affordable Housing

Why Choose Us

Versatile in delivery we cover a range of projects from cost effective affordable housing to bespoke high end executive housing with everything in between.

We are experienced in industry leading environmentally friendly construction, delivering schemes in line with passivhaus certification standards with experience behind the most cost effective route for different sustainability levels to best suit the clients aspirations and budget. Within the team we have diverse experience across all fields of construction. We can help you with any project at any stage from land appraisals, technical designs, cost plans/budgets or construction delivery.

Partnerships is our mentality, we deal with every project with the mindset of being selected as a suitable delivery partner for our clients to use across their future project plans as an extension of their own team. We go over and above to work with our clients in ways that not only benefit the delivery of the current project in discussion, but that assist with their wider delivery as a whole, some examples include; design rules ensuring client preferences are addressed, base specifications to suit their product for providing clarity at budget & supply chain tender stages, tailored build costing documents to suit the clients product to assist with land appraisals.

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If you’d like to know more about a competent, collaboratively aligned and cost-effective route to deliver your construction project then please feel free to get in touch.