Whatever stage your project is; concept, developed, technical or construction we can help.

Construction Management with CBP

We are appointed to manage a construction project and act as the principal contractor on behalf of the client. This provides the full service and competence of a main contractor with the access to the supply chain market but as an extension of the client themselves, rather than as a separate profit driven entity where it’s virtually impossible to align the goals of the client and construction delivery company.

The trade contractor packages are scoped, tendered, levelled & reviewed then appointed and managed by the construction manager but the contracts are directly between the client and the trade contractor. This provides direct access for the client to the trade contractor, which the traditional contract methods do not provide. This is often a problem in the unfortunate event of main contractor liquidation, where this contract link is severed and the client is often left with further expenses to continue works possibly already paid for.

Collaborative Partnership

No commercial conflicts due to the contract form. Just the clients & projects best interests as the main focus.

Transparent & Engaged

Complete transparency with as much involvement, detail & control as the client wishes. CBP typically operates a client approval process for any expenditure which can be tailored to suit the level of involvement the client desires.

Beneficial Competence

All of the knowledge & expertise of a main contractor but acting for the client as an extension of their team rather than a separate profit driven entity.


Valuations managed by CBP, with payments made from client to supply chain directly, giving both the client & supply chain peace of mind.

Aligned Motivation

Fixed fee offering so no incentive for build costs to increase.

Complete Service

Everything a main contractor would do and more from land appraisals through to construction aftercare.

Cost Effective

Cheaper than traditional contract forms!

Risk Adverse

No contractual “middle man”, i.e. the client has direct contracts with the supply chain, mitigating the risk of traditional main contractor liquidation where the client is left with no access to the trades & services previously paid for.

Procurement, Budgets & Land Appraisals

When procuring trade packages we combine our construction delivery knowledge and continuously improved base pricing schedules as a sound starting point for procurement.

We then thoroughly determine the project & clients bespoke requirements placing the relevant points into each package for the scheme. Following package procurement and final account agreements the key information points such as; recent specific inflation, new construction methods, end purchaser extras and more are fed back into our base information which is used to inform budgets and support land appraisals. If you choose to create your budgets or appraisals with CBP you know they’re; aligned to the latest market information, tailored to meet project specific requirements & clients bespoke specification/preferences but also utilising knowledge and experience of those delivering the projects rather than purely a desk based exercise.

What projects do we cover?


Construction /
Commercial Projects


Bespoke, Executive or
Open Market Housing


Residential Housing
including Affordable Housing

Pre-Construction / Developer Support

We believe the key for enhanced success is thorough and effective Pre-Construction due diligence as often issues within construction have a root cause that stems far back into the design, surveys or general detail considered at a much earlier stage.

Our involvement in Pre-Construction for our clients identifies & tackles risks, resolving issues that when left until construction stage are often more costly to address.

CBP can provide support at any stage be it; land appraisals, pre-planning support, technical survey scoping & commissioning, appointment and management of designers or technical design support including sectional agreement submission support (i.e. S38 & S104).

If you’d like to know more about a competent, collaboratively aligned and cost-effective route to deliver your construction project then please get in touch.

Lean Consulting

In addition to overseeing and managing the companies construction operations our Managing Director Callum Yeowell also offers a lean consulting service.

Callum’s career has provided him with a wide-ranging skill set across multiple roles within construction projects both onsite and in the office. Including having internally project managed the world’s first accreditation of ISO18404 for an organization.

With a particular passion and natural ability to radically improve processes & procedures and collaborative planning Callum has supported numerous organisations and projects.

Some of Callum's Lean Achievements:

  • M6 Smart Motorways scheme.
  • £18m External high rise cladding package in London.